Video: Fastest Christmas Song in the World

The Swiss are at it again this holiday season. Last year they put an artist in an M5 to make the “fastest Christmas card “, but what is crazy enough to compete with that? Putting the Zurich Acapella group in an M135i while drifting out a race circuit may just have one upped it. Check out the video for yourself and be sure to spread some holiday cheer by sending a card to friends and family. Oh what fin it is to ride in a BMW- especially an M135i!

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  • sackboy

    LOVE it! What a light, fun message! AND- no one threw-up, at least not on camera! MORE ! Great little hot-hatch, wouldn`t you say? !!! sackboy

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      We have a build all set for spring- takes 12 weeks to get one of these puppies built here in Germany because the demand has been so high, especially the xDrive version. Trying to keep the options light- like no power seats- but stuff like navi and speed limit, connected drive and all that are almost necessary at this point. May cancel the order if I can get something else (very limited run car) for a bit less than it is currently, but that is looking less likely…. since it is number 1. The M135i is a hoot and I am glad they finally decided to make a hot hatch for real.