BimmerCast #67: Behind the 4 Series w/Designer Won Kyu Kang

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The 4 Series coupe concept not only marks the first time we ‘ve seen the letter four used by BMW, it also marks the first concept lead by BMW Designer Won Kyu Kang. Won Kyu (pronounced 1-Q) was visibly excited if not a touch anxious when we caught up with him at NAIAS shortly after the 4 Series concept introduction. Yet his enthusiasm for the concept and articulate and thorough walk-through of the design principles belied his youth and the fact this was his first NAIAs. In short if you ever wanted to see the future of BMW design, you ‘re listening to it in this interview.

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  • Joe C

    Very nice interview, Gabe. I agree that the car is stunning, amazing. Better than the 6, like it is more concentrated. What a platform for higher performance models. Won-Kyu is really focusing on the right things and it shows. I was intrigued by the inspiration being other bmw’s and not nature, organic shapes, etc. I think its one of the distinguishing qualities about BMW. They are able to blend history and design innovation consistently well, without going to far in either direction. He was very thoughtful and analytical, and able to articulate it.