How BMW Became Associated with Terrorism in the 1970\’s

An amazing story that, while very time and regional centric is still utterly fascinating from a historical point of view. The early 1970s was a period of unrest for Germany with the Baader-Meinhof Gang. And as it turns out, they needed transportation. Fast and reliable transportation. Enter BMWs.

A word of warning, some may find the language and images inappropriate.

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  • Superb documentary

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  • Herr26

    I had a bright green VW Beetle that was blown up by these “cool , hip terrorists” that it had a Dali time portrait sticker on the back which the car eventually imitated. I was interned in German politics in those days before I moved to advertising within Opel and eventually BMW in 1988 on the eve of the E34 launch. But I remember all too well being of that generation even though your were not involved in the radical side of it.

    There goes the 2002 connection marketing campaign for the upcoming 2er which they wanted to connect to now that the 2er is now going to be used.

    I wonder if anyone will afford the same to the humble Toyota pick-up the popular choice of terrorists today which apparently can still drive even if hit by an Exocet missile.