The range extension option on the BMW i3 will come from BMW ‘s Motorad division as expected. Confirmed via by Herbert Diess, BMW ‘s head of R&D, the option should allow the i3 to have a total range of around 250 miles.

The standard i3 range should be anywhere from 60-90 miles depending on city or highway miles and geography. While BMW believes that range will serve the majority of owners, they expect most early adopters to opt for the two strokecylinder extender version as a way to cure range anxiety. Eventually they expect it to account for only 20% of sales as people get used to living with an electric vehicle. The vast majority of prototypes running around Germany have been of the range extender variety. The two cylinder petrol will solely be used to power up the batteries with none of its output ever directly powering the wheels.

The i3 will come to market late this year and should be available at all BMW dealers throughout the US.