BMW M6 Gran Coupe Priced for the US

$113,000. That ‘s the check you (or your bank) will have to write to walk out of a showroom with a stripped out M6GC. And as expected the US will be getting the exclusive manual transmission (no cost) option. That ‘s $3,800 more than the Coupe but still $2,500 less than the convertible M6.

Sound good? Deliveries start this spring.

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  • Adam

    Even at this price forum trolls are still whining that this is about 20K over a CLS63. I’m more of the opinion that buyers of this type of car probably arent stretching to get this one so $20,000 wouldnt be a massive sum to them. Still with options and leather, ceramic’s this thing is gonna come dangerously close to used F430 prices and which would you rather? I hate to say it but the little red one gets the nod then.