Full Gallery: BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo

The 3GT is here. It represents the first time we ‘ve seen the BMW “GT ” shape in a smaller more sporty package and to our eyes it ‘s a bit better realized than its larger sibling the 5GT.

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  • les

    I like the sunroof.

  • ac

    OMG. That is really, really horrible. I though 5 series GT was ugly…but this takes it to a whole new level of ugly.

  • ac


  • PAUL_

    It’s so reassuring to know that BMW is still capable of producing a truly ugly car. After the sensational 159 from Alfa Romeo, I just hope and pray that the Giulia will be just as drop-dead gorgeous (unlike Giulietta, unfortunately)… and that we get it in the US.

  • Much prefer the F31 Sportswagen if I need a hatchback and better cargo room. This thing just looks weird from the side and 3 quarters view due to the taller “tear drop” shaped roof line.


  • Que

    looks like a better driving Honda Crosstour. Is this the trend, or are we old school and not getting it? The Audi new hatch 4 dr coupes look nice, heck even the 6 series GC looks solid. Who knows, but not really resonating with me just yet.