The BMW M3 & M4 to be Powered by 415 HP S55

Code-names like the S54 and S65 are etched in our brains as BMW fans. New M3 (and M4) engines only come by every 7+ years. And today we have confirmation of a new one. We ‘ve known since this summer (when it was confirmed by BMWNA Boss M Boss Ludwig Willisch) that the next generation M3/M4 will be powered by a turbocharged inline six. But some details have been sketchy. Until now.

Through several sources we ‘ve confirmed that the M3/M4 will have a 3.0L twin turbo inline six with approximately 415 hp. Yes that ‘s basically the same as the current (and spectacular) 414 HP 4.0 V8. But the key difference will be the extra torque. We expect the S55 to have peak torque just under 400 ft lbs with a massively accessible torque band.


Also confirmed is an updated version of the same DCT in the E90/E92 M3, updated 19 ” Double Spoke Wheels (2MT /M 220) and a couple of new interior and exterior colors. On the tech front the M3/M4 will debut the M exclusive 4WD M lap timer which works in a similar fashion to Porsche ‘s Sport Chrono option. ‘

Look for the M3 to debut in concept form this spring at Geneva and hit dealers later this year. The highly anticipated M4 should hit showrooms in late winter/early spring of 2014.

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  • Adam

    “M exclusive 4WD M lap timer”… say what? this car is gonna be all-wheel? Gabe, Michael any confirmation on that?

    • 4WD is the option code. The next M3/M4 will be RWD. — Sent from Mailbox for iPhone

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      That’s the option code 🙂

      This is something that a few years ago when we sat down with the guys at ///M for a roundtable of sorts we had brought up as a feature that enthusiasts would like to see…. nice to see they listened. I can honestly say that the more and more I hear and see in regards to this car the more I am impressed with what they are trying to accomplish. I had an M135i on order but have other plans moving forward- it’s either an F80 or an i3 and E46 M3.

  • 415 BHP!!! This is gonna be some sick car man car service

    • Paul Erna

      Now I see they are cutting the 1 series. it could be a game changer They made a good car and there are plenty of quality cars for sale trucks too in their lineup so I hope nothing changes

      • 1ChrisSharpton2

        No more 1 series?