It looks like MBUSA is taking claim as the legitimate luxury sales king in the US for calendar year 2012. BMW disagrees but there are conflicting numbers between sales and registrations of vehicles, the latter which MB contends is the more accurate way of measuring sales numbers.

Via Autoblog:

Speaking at the monthly meeting of the International Motor Press Association in New York City, Mercedes-Benz North America chief Steve Cannon said, “Cars sold to people in the calendar year who then register their vehicles seems to be a more accurate measure of real sales than just the raw sales numbers. ”

Cannon claims that BMW used “various methods ” to beef up its sales in December, as Mercedes had been watching month-to-month registrations all year, and had been leading BMW for 11 months. Cannon said, “When you look at the difference between our sales and registrations, there is a discrepancy of 11. When you look at BMW ‘s, there is a discrepancy of 13,000. “

BMW stands by its numbers but it begs the question as to what really are the sources of these numbers we see on a monthly basis from all the brands. What ‘s your take?