BF Vault: Top Gear Drives the E46 M3 CSL


The E46 M3 CSL. Its reached almost mythical status since its debut (especially in the US where it was never technically available). What made it so great? 355 HP out of a 3.0L inline six and a stripped-out interior that was utterly focused on performance. Oh and that sound.

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  • johnparke

    This is one of Top Gear’s best reviews. I actually got goosebumps @ 4:48. No other car has done that.

  • 03Beastcharmer

    3.2L inline 6, not a 3.0 😀 I’m so sad they were not able to do this again with the E92 and bring to the US.

  • Roland Renno

    3.2 litre rather than 3.0 litre and it actually delivers 360 hp in Euro form.

  • Frank Granados

    See? It can be done with no turbos and failure prone HPFPs….

  • Cant watch the vid, says the content is blocked in my country ( Canada ) Due to copyright