BimmerCast #69: M235i & the Future of the M3 – Can Either Live up to the E90?


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We ‘re back with a quick recap and news and then a look ahead. The Geneva show is hours away and it serves as the perfect backdrop to talk about what BMW will be up to for the rest of the year. Here ‘s a quick look at the topics of BimmerCast #69.

  • BMW i3 with range extender detailed
  • The M3/M4 and what to expect (plus when to expect it) — But more importantly we get into the debate that will drive enthusiasts for years to come – will the F80 equal the special-ness of the E90 V8 M3?
  • M235i and how it ‘s what the 135i should have been all along
  • The 3 Series GT and why we can ‘t quite wrap are heads around it
  • The X5 leak – it ‘s real and why we ‘re a little disappointed
  • The new 328d in the US. What to expect from BMWNA ‘s new efficiency leader.
  • A quick recap of the latest BMW news and what to expect for 2013




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  • Adam

    Great show as usual guys. I would like to say though, in regards to the F80/2 M3/4 vs the E90 series. I think the S65 V8 was a rare treat, M3’s before had special engines but if you dug deep enough you’d find they were based on another engine in BMW’s line up, so the fact that the S65 being based on the S85 kinda leads me to think that had the V10 not been made the S65 probably wouldnt have existed either. I will miss the sounds of an NA engine but I always hated the interior’s of the E60 and E90 series, in addition I dont think I would want to buy used E90’s for the rest of my life just to get an NA engine as many forum trolls are suggesting they do, so if I could ignore the fact its a turbo engine I think the rest of the M3’s following could too. I am usually not a downer but I think untill regulations on emissions and economy relax we wont being seeing NA motors like we once did, but that said automotive engineers are some of the most brilliant out there so if there is a way to save the NA engine they will find it. I am still quite young (early 20’s) and I have a lifetime of cars to lookforward to and the thing I will value most is how the car makes me feel when driving, and the engine (while a part of it) is not the whole story for me, a friend of mine has a spec Miata for one make racing and inspite of its bland, asthmatic little 4-cyl the car is so alive in your hands that I almost forget about it.

    • Frank Granados

      NA engines are far more reliable and less probablematic for those of us that keep cars for the long haul. I don’t have to have the latest and greatest, and quite frankly, I am loving my E90 328i with the sublime N52. After spending more than a week behind the wheel of a new ’13 F30 328i, I am not 100% sold on the N20 turbo (The ZF 8-speed, however, is fabulous). My E90 has it all over the F30 in the steering feel/feedback department and the happy rev straight six. No direct fuel injection, no HPFP and no turbos to worry about. Our ownership experience of a 2008 Clubman S equipped with the Prince N14 turbocharged engine has been quite a let down. We have had many issues with the engine on that car (With less than 38K miles). Timing chaing guide has failed twice (Covered once under warranty), failed primary water pump (Secondary water pump to cool down the turbo was replaced last year as part of a recall as the factory unit was prone to catch fire) and thermostat that MINI goodwilled for 50% of the total repair cost. High oil consumption, carbon build up (A known issue with DI engines). The HPFP has been warrantied I believe for up to 8 years. Sure the engine is fantastic when it works but too high maintenance and problem prone for our tastes. We just don’t have enough confidence at this time to purchase a turbocharged BMW vehicle. Seems they need a few more years to iron out the issues in their forced induction powerplants.

  • You’re right with regards to the S65 existing only because the S85 did. But the point that’s important is that those were both ground-up M engines designed with less compromises than the S55 will have.

    Otherwise I don’t think we’re necessarily down on forced induction (I own a 1M!) and I am sure that M will deliver goods beyond our expectations with the new M3/M4.

  • Rich

    I will need to give up my 2011 E90 335i M-sport between August and December of this year. I think I want to move into an M235. When do you think this will be available in the US?

  • Frank Granados


  • Frank Granados

    I think the new 2014 X5 looks like a Dodge Durango. Really a let down. It doesn’t hold a candle to the current X5. And take it from me, I just don’t care for SUVs.

  • 03Beastcharmer

    Gabe/Michael – When will we get our next BimmerCast? #70!!! It’s been 4 months. Y’all waiting until after Frankfurt in September?