2013 Geneva Motorshow: The Complete Gallery

The Geneva Motorshow is one of the largest of the year and often a major source of Euro car debuts. Despite this things are relatively quiet from BMW with this year ‘s major debuts happening at Frankfurt in the fall or via the web. However that hasn ‘t stopped other automakers from making Geneva a spectacular show this year – especially with the debuts from Ferrari and McLaren. Click through to check out the entire gallery plus a hands-on with the BMW 3GT.

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  • 03Beastcharmer

    You guys weren’t joking, they do have a lot of releases at the Geneva show. WOW. Maybe the release of the 991 GT3 will drop the price of the 997.2 GT3’s to a point I might be able to get one.

  • Roland Renno

    By the time BMW will present the i8 compared to that new LaFerrari, it will look old-fashioned and outdated. I don’t know what makes BMW think the i8 will be that successful. Time for a supercar, BMW.

    • 03Beastcharmer

      You can’t try and compare the Ferrari to any BMW, even the rumored M1 replacement. BMW isn’t going to be in the market of selling $1Mil super/hyper cars. The goals, audience, and price points will be vastly different. The i8 probably targeting the Tesla market of buyers who want the roadster for fun, but want the “S” for practicality.