2013 is a big year for BMW ‘s Motorrad division as it celebrates 90 years of making motorcycles. This celebration has been at the center of everything BMW has done for this model year, and that ‘s been a lot so far.

The return of scooters

BMW C 600 Sport

2013 saw the Motorrad division take its place as BMW ‘s “center of competence ” in urban mobility. The first two bikes to take up that mantle were the C 600 Sport and the C 650 GT. Both are intended for dedicated commute duty, with an all electric version previewed in concept and expected for production in 2014. You can read my initial thoughts on the C 600 Sport here, and the C 650 GT here. Continuing coverage can also be found over at ScooterFile.

The redesign of the R 1200 GS

BMW R 1200 GS

BMW ‘s R 1200 GS is the undisputed poster bike of adventure riding. Though most of the major manufacturers now at least dabbling in this space, the R 1200 GS remains the king of that hill. For 2013 BMW haven ‘t just refreshed the bigger GS, they ‘ve reworked it from the ground up. Featuring a whole new suspension setup and partial water cooling, the new R 1200 GS continues to push the envelope of what a big enduro bike should be. Consensus around the web is that BMW have taken an already great motorcycle and made it even better.

The upcoming “Boxer ” model

BMW Boxer

Early this year, BMW teased a stand-alone production model designed specifically to celebrate its nine decades in the world of motorbikes. Dubbed the “Boxer ” concept for now, this naked standard will stand as homage to all the air-cooled BMW opposed twins that came before it. Unfortunately, the illustration above is about all we really know about the “Boxer ” for now.

Other updates to the lineup include a softer refresh of the F 800 GT, which has just started to hit dealership showrooms.

Back to the video for a second. To look back across nine decades of any manufacturer is an interesting journey. With hundreds of models traveling millions of miles, BMW has significantly evolved the very nature of what a motorcycle is. Today, BMW offers one of the most diverse lineups of bikes available from a single manufacturer, but across the 20th and into the 21st century, BMW has established itself as the premium motorcycle OEM. While luxury-oriented brands like Ducati and Moto Guzzi nip at BMW ‘s rear tire, it ‘s still a mantle that ‘s theirs to lose at this point. With 2013 just getting started, I wonder what else BMW has in its panniers for celebrating 90 years.