The Nurburgring is Officially For Sale

Via our friends at Bridge to Gantry the most famous race track in the world is now for sale. This could be bad or good news depending on who ultimately buys the track out of all the potential suitors. However one thing is for certain. The ‘Ring is changing.

For more on the ‘Ring check out our Guide the famed track as well as a BimmerCast from the driver seat.

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  • Adam

    James May won’t be loosing sleep LOL but in all seriousness I am a little saddened by the news, but there is a silver lining here, no matter what happenes the ring will probably always remain. I base this on the fact that tearing up 14+ miles of pavement and racing complex, F1 track would cost more that it was buy the whole thing in the first place so we need’nt worry about that, access maybe the issue in future who knows.

  • BimmerFile_Michael

    Let’s just hope Bernie and the F1 crowd do not buy this for personal use and lock us enthusiasts out.