We ‘ve never been subtle about our love of the wagon here at BF. With similar utility to a crossover but with more dynamic qualities they offer the best of both worlds to those who don ‘t want to compromise. However they ‘ve been a dying breed in the US for many years. Case in point the current 5 Series wagon (the F11) that BMWNA decided to not import. However the F31 is here and as of today, officially in the BMWUSA.com configurator.


A couple notables. No there is no manual option. It ‘s hard to swallow but not unexpected since BMW literally has almost no expectations of sale for this car. Federalizing a manual for the few hundred that would opt for it just didn ‘t make sense. Similar reasoning led to the rear wheel drive version is also missing from the line-up.

However we have heard through very good sources that the F31 will eventually be offered with the 2.0L diesel in the latter half of the year. To recap the four cylinder power-plant will produce 180 hp 280 lb-ft of torque taking the 328d sedan to 60 mph in around 7 seconds. MPG figures have yet to be announced but we expect highway numbers to be well over 40 MPG. Touring numbers should be pretty much identical.

But enough chit-chat. You have a car to build.