Launches M6 Gran Coupe Configurator

The M6 Gran Coupe configurator has gone live but not without its issues. The first you ‘ll notice is Chrome-line exterior trim which of course is traditionally shadow-line on all M cars including the M6 GC. But as ghastly as that is wait until you get inside and see the little 6.5 ” non-navigation screen located in the center of this $113K car. Yes that is not correct and navigation is indeed standard. Finally you ‘ll notice the options that are available often don ‘t visibly update the build within the configurator.

If you can get past that it ‘s interesting to note that a manual transmission is indeed a no-cost options as we reported awhile back.

Now head over to and let us know how you ‘d build an M6 GC.

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  • Adam

    Jeez that price is approaching used F430 territory! And honestly I’d have the little red one. Sexy car though, really does draw your eye.