First Image of Production BMW i3

Production BMW i3 Spied
Production BMW i3 Spied

Production BMW i3 Spied

The first undressed image of the BMW i3 was taken at a recent photo shoot. While much of the styling of the front remains-there are somedifferences in the production car from the more recent i3 Coupe Concept we have seen.


The wheels and cut lines for the bumper standout the most but the headlights may be the most changed as they appear to be more flush mounted than the recessed of the concept in addition to losing the white accents. We continue to like what we see as BMW pushes the bar to the future in both design and technology.

Hat tip to John for the image!

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  • lavardera

    I did not think the two-tone color scheme would carry over to production.

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      The roof will also retain the two-tone scheme. It’s a nice departure from run of the mill cars in many ways. If you ask me it may steal away a few MINI owners bc of its new look and the high grade interior with its own quirks. I seriously can’t wait for this considering it has a similar power to weight ratio as the original M3 and a much lower center of gravity thanks to everything up top being CF.

      • lavardera

        I also like the black top surfaces and I’m glad they are being bold in this way. I’m looking forward to electric cars coming into price parity with ICE. There is a whole world of nuance for electric motors and drivetrain that we have no sense of yet.

  • Herr26

    You will be offered lines with the i3 and also extensive personalisation , there will be sporty influenced interiors and luxury influenced interiors and if you enjoyed the sci-fi future aspect of the Concept then there will be an interior for you. The options completely separate from BMW with exclusive paint in both single tone and two tone colors the end result is a complete individual look for an entire individual concept. Even the typography on the switchgear is different. It is all part of the Sub-Brand aspect and it is also something that will feature with the M Sub-Brand also.

    The i3 was caught in a recent photoshoot within the Los Angeles area whereas the 4er Coupe was captured at the 2nd St. Tunnel , the i3 was in Santa Monica. The i3 has now moved to downtown Los Angeles with the 4er Coupe now in the Californian desert. BMW took action on the i3 because of its significance. A huge marketing campaign showing the global signifigance of the i3 which will move to Shanghai and two UK cities for film and photography and a huge premiere is currently in the planning ahead of the IAA launch in Frankfurt , to reiterate the i3 is a huge event for BMW. The BMWi brand signifies electric mobility under BMW , not an existing BMW but a new brand with fresh thinking , creativity and that space-Age futuristic appeal. So far over 500 i3s have been pre-sold , whilst the concepts have generated global appeal there is also the backing from BMW which in my travels with BMWi I have learned that there is the appeal of the individuality with Fisker and Tesla respectively but some with their own money are concerned about the rug being pulled from under them especially if you look at Fisker currently.

    Although BMWi is in its infancy, there is plans to spread the brand to other models. The next BMWi model being looked at for market introduction is a mid-Sized luxury sedan. But other concepts are being looked at.

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of these cars. It’s the first time the car has truly changed since early on and it took BMW to do it- its not just a drivetrain packaged into a traditional setup, its actually engineered and thought out from the start to be something different.

      Let’s be clear- I love high revving V8s, track time and racing but at the same time something just seems sporty about less weight, lower center of gravity and instant torque… If I could sign up for one now I certainly would.

  • Roland Renno

    Useless car.