The 2 Series Four Door Gran Coupe Reportedly Set for 2015 Debut

According to über source Scott27 BMW brass have greenlit a small four door sedan based on the rear wheel drive mechanicals of the 1/2 Series. This is great news in our book as the other option would have seen BMW based the small sedan on the front wheel UKL chassis underpinning all future MINIs and FWD BMWs.

What wasn ‘t up for debate is the need for this car. With the CLA and the A3 looking particularly impressive and expected to do very well in both the US and China, BMW would be foolish to let anymore time slip by. 2015 may feel like like a quick gestation period for a new BMW model but the reality is that most of the development has already been done. We expect the 2GC to be marketed in similar flavors as the 1 and 2 Series. That means in the US expect a 228i and a M235i along with (drum role please) potentially a version fully massaged by the M division – the M2.

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  • Nick Dawson

    This, however, will be the last rear-drive 2-series. BMW’s CEO Norbert Reithofer has decided to lock the next generation 2-series range onto the FWD/AWD UKL1 platform. In doing so, he has sealed the fate of the Z2 Roadster which, if it gets the green light, will also use the same platform. Apparently no business case could be made for a small RWD back to basics roadster.

    • sackboy

      Never say never. Who would have ever thought we`d get the 1M ? !!!

    • Adam

      I don’t remember him ever mentioning that. What I do remember him saying is that with future 3er and 5er being bigger than they once were the need for a small RWD saloon/coupe was greater than ever, why would they do a 2er than after but one generation fundimentally change it? Of course if you can source this comment he made that will shut me up. Gabe, Michael have you two heard anything of the like from the good Dr?

      • Nick Dawson

        The existing 2er range, which is based on the current 1er, will remain RWD until it is replaced in 2019/20, with the next generation 1er/2er range all using the FWD/AWD UKL1 platform.

        • BimmerFile_Michael

          We are talking a long time out and from my discussions about the UKL is that it need not be FWD and that there is another modular platform in the works that will debut with the next 7 series.

          To say that a car in 2020 will definitely be or not be RWD is jumping the gun a bit. Especially since there is a concern that all cars will need to be at least hybrid at that point and BMW has shown that they have a hybrid drivetrain that propels both sets of wheels using different forms of propulsion.

          What we do know is that BMWNA reacted to MB introducing the CLA and Audi is bringing the A3 sedan and hatch by going down market with the 320 as they had nothing to compete and pushed HEAVILY for the 2 gran coupe. This car makes sense and an M version will be surely needed.

          • Nick Dawson

            The 2 gran coupe is not in dispute. The next generation 3/4/5/6/7er will all be built on the same new modular platform, but it won’t be the UKL1 platform. Both platforms will be flexible on drive trains. BMW stated some while ago that it planned to build all its future cars on just two platforms.

          • Adam

            Jeez I’ve never seen so much speculation. Thanks for clarifying though, honestly I really only care that the car have soul and be fun and inviting to drive, regardless of drivetrain. But in all seriousness the current 5 and I hate to say it the 3er too are getting a tad large and considering I’ve done the daily grind and even Costco runs in a Fiero, physical size is meaningless to me.

          • BimmerFile_Michael

            I hear you- My F20 120d is perfect in size for most things. Speculations aside- the 2 GC makes sense but I am for one not comfortable making any commentary on anything past a few years out as we have seen things change at a moments notice let along the better part of a decade!

          • Nick Dawson

            Nevertheless, late last year Ian Robertson confirmed that up to 23 cars are planned on the UKL1 platform, and hinted that the next generation 2er would be included. This has been backed up by a most reliable source who has very recently revealed that CEO Norbert Reithofer has now committed the next generation 2er onto the UKL1 platform.

            I’m only passing on interesting revelations, which I have to say over the past two years have proved to be mostly accurate. If you would prefer me not to do this, just say so and I won’t bother in future.

          • Adam

            No no not at all, that’s what sites like this are for, sharing info. Ive just been raised to question and to dig deeper and with all of the bs online you can see why I make it a habit.

          • BimmerFile_Michael

            We all love the commentary/speculation and sourced information! It is fun to have a nice open dialog I just have tried to refrain from going to far out…

      • BimmerFile_Michael

        The funny thing about these models getting bigger- sales for the larger sedans are slowing as a whole (7 series competitors-maybe they are too big now?) but the 5 is what the 7 was and is neck in neck for the sales lead with the 3er which is the old 5…. get where this is going? The 2 sedan would be the sales leader since it targets the largest market at a lower price point. The larger SAVs have taken some sales from the 7- the X6 in many markets is looked at as vehicle that is superior in cache to the 7 and part of the reason BMW is looking into the X7 again.

        As for the Z2/Z4- The next Z4 will retain the folding hardtop as a true distinguisher from the Toyota version which will be the return of the Supra if things go according to rumored plans. The sales volume in this demo requires co-development to maintain viability.

        The Z2 remains questionable but if the MINI Coupe sales are brisker than expected this may be a market that BMW taps into again though in FWD form. Some say that the Coupe/Roadster MINIs is BMW doing some live market research…

  • Herr26

    The 2er will be the entry point for RWD even in the next generation. After the switch to FWD. Along with the Gran Coupe which is predominately RWD , a 1er Sedan which is based on the UKL platform will also sire a much awaited MINI Sports Sedan that will come ahead of the UKL BMW sedan which will be a member of the 1er Compactive City car , the twin to the MINI F56. It is interesting because some of the MINI team responsible for this concept whether in engineering , design or marketing think the MINI Sedan could effectively challenge the Audi A3 and Mercedes CLA because of how it stretches the idea of a sedan and what we interpret a sedan to be. The MINI sedan concept elongates the MINI design language but reinterprets it for a sedan , everything we have seen in MINIs language from ovals to baseball cap reversed roofs are put forward in interesting ways , what I have seen of this car actually dates the A3 and even the CLA.

    The 2er Coupe is not really a long stretch in terms of development because of the sharing of the F20 modular matrix. The Gran Coupe of the 2er is possible because of the modular structure , therefore it is a cost effective programme and of course profitable. The Gran Coupe receives a slightly longer wheelbase thanks to being based on a modular matrix and then an elongated roof panel in exactly the same way as the 6er Gran Coupe and the upcoming 4er Gran Coupe.

    We only have to look at the ever progressing world to understand that there are people who enjoy Coupes but they need flexibility for a family or other versatility needs. The 4dr Coupe is becoming an important growth segment because it delivers what you expect from a Coupe but you get that much needed versatility .

    If we compare the Gran Coupe models to the equivalent Sedan , there is a definite difference especially in the roofline which is much lower and also the car is much wider so it has that squatting on its haunches look. The Gran Coupe models are tailored made for BMW M. Which is why both an M4 Gran Coupe and M2 Gran Coupe will feature for that customer that has progressive requirements which rule out the typical Coupe.

  • lavardera

    So the 2 series Gran Coupe is the new – old 3 series, since the new 3 series is the new – old 5 series. They are going to run out of numbers.

    Oh, just noticed – what Michael said below.