Gallery: BMW Concept X4

Haven ‘t seen enough of the soon to debut BMW Concept X4? No worries, BMW has released some additional images of the concept in various locations and we must say it is looking mighty hot- but maybe that ‘s just the desert.

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  • Bobby B

    I’m sold on the outside but what’s going on behind those tints? This thing in an M would be even better. Hoping it is not much more than the X3 price wise. Any ideas guys?

  • Herr26

    There will be a substantial upgrade in price between X3 and X4 but no final figures available at this time. The car what you see here is very much the production car , bar slight conceptualised detailing. But the shape , proportions , even the wheels are heading to the production X4 and you might even get used to that color.

    The interest aspect of the X4 is that it begins the split between Sport Activity Coupe and Sport Activity Vehicle as they now usher in an era where the Coupe models will feature there own front and rear designs that differ from the sister X3 And X5 models. The new X6 which we will see testing shortly , raises the sportiness of the current car. Immediately after Shanghai we should see first public testing of the X4 , but the car has been testing albeit under the nose of photographers in the sister car – The X3.

    The X6 F16 will appear as a concept first at next years Moscow Autoshow. Russia is a huge market for the X6. With the current X6 heading to China , every second X6 heads to Russia. With another Concept debut planned for next years Beijing Autoshow , Moscow is the next logical choice for the X6 Concept.

    Due to the success of the X6M where in some markets , Russia is one example it remains the best selling M model. BMW will introduce an X4M – this car is high priority at Garching because of the success of the X6M. BMW reckons that an X4 M model could be lucrative for the brand. Internally describe as an M3 on stilts it would provide customers that want a high performance activity vehicle with all wheel drive and provide a counter attack to the forthcoming Porsche Macan , which is expected to hit the market at around the same time as the X4.

    The production X4 will be announced at the close of 2013. With its world premiere scheduled for the NAIAS in Detroit , January 2014.

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      I continue to be amazed at how much testing is now being completed in the testing facility and of course at night.

      I guess Bangle was not that far off in the days of the Xcoupe because we are getting closer and closer to that being reality.

      I personally love this idea and with the soon to enter Porsche model and a new Range Rover Sport/Evoque R models testing it makes sense for BMW M to enter this market.

      This should be a hit on all levels if the interior gets an update from the X3….

      We’ve seen this testing in X3 trim- bumpers modified significantly 🙂