Is the E30 M3 the Most Over-rated

With values up 27% in the last year the E30 M3 is beginning to get out of reach for many longtime BMW enthusiasts. In fact it ‘s doubled within the past six years. Doubled. However the bigger question may be what ‘s next. Are these prices a fluke that will correct eventually or are we about to see the first truly collectable modern BMW? Everyone ‘s favorite Youtube channel Drive takes a look.

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  • Adam

    I imagine that this is a similar situation like what is happening with 60’s-’71 muscle cars. The huge exception being that a 440 six pack ‘Cuda doesn’t need a 12 k engine rebuild. I suppose on the E30 your buying nostalgia, because except for maybe the steering there isn’t a single item on an E30 that is on par let alone superior to what’s on an E92, so isn’t that it’s better than anything you can buy new. I’ll always love the E30 and everything it stands for and started but just like that ‘Cuda it’s a collectors item now, and until restoration parts or programs alla 2002 come around don’t expect the prices or parts to get cheaper soon. That’s my feeling, or am I aloof on this?

  • m3finest

    With the Limited amount of vehicles that were in production, this car has to be worth well over 100k before you know it. Besides that fact it won excellent races in the past, the car remains one of the snottiest M3’s made at its time. Do a search for one , see how many come up for sale with mileage under 70k. The car will be a blow away classic before you know it ! Just my Opinion