Spied! Undisguised BMW M235i


Photo shoots happen regularly in the auto industry- as a spy photographer if you stalk your prey to one of these shoots you will make a bunch of money and snap an undisguised car well before launch. Thanks to Autoblog we now have a clear view of BMW ‘s replacement for the current 135i, the M235i. If you ‘ve been living under a rock you may have missed that BMW is renaming all of its coupes by giving them an even series number; hence the new 2 series name. This car will be the first M Performance model stateside and if its sibling the M135i is any indicator- this baby is going to be a hoot.

Featuring an M tuned suspension, engine with 320 horses and M aggressive styling cues this model will be one step below the rumored heir apparent to the 1///M Coupe ‘, the ///M2. Plans are for the M235i to hit dealers late this year with an xDrive version offered soon after the initial launch.

Click on over to Autoblog for more angles!

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  • driver 8

    This is a great looking design. Honestly I was losing a little faith in the enthusiast side of BMW but this 2 series looks to be a definite step in the right direction. I can’t wait for the M2 details.

  • Dylan

    This is a much more successful design than the 1M imho especially around the headlights. So exciting. Can’t wait for the M2!

  • BimmerFile_Michael

    What is worth noting is that the dynamics of the F20 1 Series are leaps and bounds better than the E82- not even in the same ballpark. This new coupe should run circles around the previous model and be much more in-line with what us enthusiasts love: balance and predictability. The outgoing 135i suffered from understeer, even after chassis adjustments were made but the new chassis is almost perfectly balanced out of the box. Size to my eye when I’ve seen the prototypes is proportionate to an E46 coupe.

    The M235i and the subsequent M2 should please even the harshest critics- unless pricing is astronomical of course.

    • Bob

      Michael, chassis dynamics might be better (I’ll take your word for it) but if this thing is hampered with the numb electric steering plaguing the other F-chassis BMW’s, I don’t see how it will be nearly as fun to drive. At least with an E82, you can fix the suspension with aftermarket coilovers and M3 bushings. Can’t really do much with a dull steering rack.

  • Wow. Great looking so far.

    • lavardera

      Really? I think I like the front of the F20 better. And proportionally, I think the E82 has a nicer overall shape, cabin more rearward, short rear deck. This looks long in the back, like a hastily converted Accord coupe.

  • Roland Renno

    Great looking car.

  • Nice! Now I’ve just got to hit Powerball.

  • hot damn, that is a good looking car

  • Jack Black

    This is going to be a real looker with a CF roof like the M6- talk about the next big little thing! From what Michael has reported on the M135i this will not disappoint in the fun category. I am dreaming of the M2 already!