BMW K100 by Marc Robrock

For those tuned into the vintage custom motorcycle scene, something terrific has emerged over the past few years. What looked like yet another crest on the unending wave of “cafe racer ” popularity has instead turned out to be more of a vibrant renaissance of taking old, forgotten bikes and doing genuinely interesting things with them. As the march of time makes “vintage ” machines out of what doesn ‘t actually seem like that long ago, the custom scene has been marching along with.

Robrock K 100

Take for example this 1984 BMW K 100 built by German builder Meister Robrock. Dubbed the “BMW K-fé “, this machine was recently featured on BikeEXIF who as usual, have terrific taste.

While BMW R-series motorcycles, and airheads in particular, are being customized in ever growing numbers, these K-series bikes are a little fewer and further in between. As such, they ‘re always striking when done this well. In particular, the transformation from the stock form (which Robrock refers to as “The ugliest bike I know “) to something utterly gorgeous. Obviously, it ‘s a lot of work to get from A to B, but the results, as you can see, are worth it.

Robrock K 100

Source: BikeEXIF

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