First Look: The 2014 X5 M Sport Package


The popular M Sport look tends to make all BMWs a bit more aggressive frankly visually appealing. And with the new X5 it ‘s no exception. However the rather conservative F15 X5 seems to benefit more than most from the treatment. The package includes M bodykit, 19 ” or 20 ” wheels (clear the 20s are mandatory if you ‘re interested in filling out those massive wheel arches), M steering wheel and M specific interior trim.

Is it successful? We love the ingredients but we ‘re still not really moved by the F15. But we ‘ll let you be the judge.



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  • Peter


    this picture shows F15 X5 in standard trim, not in M Sport Package.

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      This is M Sport trim. There are even the ///M logos on the front fenders and the now typical sport wheel on the interior. Also note the new M Sport key fob!

      • jeremym

        Oh, and the front bumper cover with its giant holes….dead giveaway.

      • Adam

        So sounds like you guys aren’t fans either. I’m not wowd by the new design but I wouldn’t be upset to see one in my garage either. Looking on the forums people are pissing and moaning about it like 13 year old girls complaining about Justin beibers hairstyle. Maybe ill be the loon who is ok with it.

        • Yup. The F15 has lost the voluptuous of the previous model.

          • Adam

            Fair enough and like I said Im not wow’d either but when u put this next to its riivals and even the new Rangie it does have presence and a sculpt rather unique. I’m in your boat though the previous gen was one handsome/aggressive looking vehicle and with the larger wheels and tires with the camber it just looked ready to pounce.

        • BimmerFile_Michael

          I am withholding my final take until I see it in person- these new BMWs require 3 dimensions and true lighting to really show themselves. The interior is a huge step up from what I’ve been told by those close to the development of this vehicle.

          I think there is more to these different versions than we are currently seeing here in the photos.

  • Shel

    For those that want giant non-functional embossed black plastic air intakes but don’t want an Audi.

  • MMMarketing

    M Sport for all your marketing needs…. poser machine to say the least.

  • sackboy

    Currently own a X5 v8 4.4i, second one, and must say they are great cars overall. No- not quite as fast , nor handle like my 1M, BUT- they also do one heck-of-a job defying the laws of physics! Both of mine have had the optional “sport” phg. w/19s. My wife even said she can tell a difference, when we drive the Dealers loaner w/o Sport pkg. Sackboy

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      This should be even better with the trick rear diff with torque vectoring, much like the X6 debuted with but surely updated. So while it is an SAV it may hang with some of the competitors sedans.

      I’ve always liked the outgoing model and thought outside the optional third row it was a success. I question the third row continuation in this new model; the lack of images makes me worry even more but we shall see when we get some time with it.

    • Jack Black

      Not sure how I feel about the side vents, glad my M6 doesn’t have them. On this they seem a bit out of place considering it’s a huge hunk of metal that really isn’t benefitting much from the small aero it offers.

      My other concern is the weight- Range Rover has set the bar even higher with the diet they are giving new models and the new more efficient engines but BMW seems to have missed a step there and this is still heavy and using engines that have been around for a while now (they are efficient and best in class but not moving the bar).