Spied! 2014 BMW 4 Series Loses More Swirls

The 4 Series continues to lose its swirls in preparation for its internet debut in a just a few short weeks. While we have seen the all new 4er undressed during a photo shoot here, there are some newly revealed options such as the wheels, LED headlights and red leather interior in these images. The 4 Series will be offered initially in 428 and 435 versions for the US, sharing the same drivetrain and most of the interior fitments with its now cousin the 3 Series. Stay tuned for more 4 Series news in the coming days and weeks.

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  • rick longino

    Again I think . . . why does BMW want to target high-schoolers with their new “in your face” aggressive styling? Always, the beauty of BMW was that you could blow people away while looking incredibly unassuming and understated. Now, we have those silly Moderns (discontinued because their styling was ridiculous unless you are from Iceland), and that obligatory blue or red stripe across the dash of the Sports.

    And why can’t I get Saddle Brown interior leather just because I want a Sport model?? I have waited until MY14 and still not possible!

    Finally, the pricing has climbed so high that now I am back looking at Caymans. Ridiculous! And I am one who has owned 3-series for 15 years! 55yo