BMW 228i Prototype Crash Causes Autobahn Closure

You heard it here first. Not that long ago on the A72 near Zwickau (closer to Leipzig than Munich) an engineer testing a 228i prototype reportedly lost control at high speed hitting the guard rail. Debris from the crash caused damage to traffic heading in the opposite direction as well. The A72 had to be closed in both directions but the driver reportedly suffered only minor injuries and is being treated at a local medical facility. The accident remains under investigation. Over the past several years there have been a number of prototype accidents reported, with a MB tester killed.

We wish the driver a speedy recovery and hope that there is not an underlying flaw with what promises to be an enthusiasts dream in the 2 Series.

Images: Medienservice Sachsenring

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  • lavardera

    Sorry for their crash, but on the bright side I think the proportion of the whole car looks better here than when we first saw it a few weeks ago. Maybe because the nose is not as long in this post-crash view… I know the old 1 series had a lot of unfortunate details, but the proportion and massing still appeals to me. I always liked that it was taller and stockier than the 3. I’m afraid the new 2 is too sleek.

  • jeremy m


    corrections 🙂