M3 Drive off a Cliff, Driver Lives to Post on Youtube

File this under what not to do. All of it.

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  • Kevin Leung


  • 2legit2quit


  • Hello

    That’ll buff right out.

  • Ninong

    He posted a longer tribute video on YouTube saying that his M3 died doing what it was engineered to do. Someone replied, “it wasn’t engineered to fly off cliffs.”

    Even if his insurance company sees the video, they will almost certainly still pay the claim but they might not extend an offer to renew his policy when it come due for renewal.

  • JonPD

    What timing to see this video, was out for a enjoyable hard bike ride in the hills today and came within a foot of having a E46 M3 tail hanging out coming around the corner from a head on crash. While I adore the performance of a good car have very little patience with people that are so self obbessed that they don’t understand they are the only thing on the road. There is a time and place to let it all hang out, that is not on the public streets. Good ridiance of Carbahn M3!

    • Bob Hayhurst


  • Roland Renno

    This is what happens when kids get their hands on a car like the M3.