The Story Behind the E46 M3 CSL

Pistonheads had a chance to talk with Hans-Bruno Starke – the engineer behind the CSL’s lightweight body and trim parts on the occasion of the car ‘s 10th anniversary. The full transcript is well worth a click if you are not into things that are abridged for the masses.

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  • BimmerFile_Michael

    I find it interesting there was no mention of the CRT- which in reality was the E90 version of the CSL. The “beta” test for technologies to be used in the next generation of cars.

    If we use the CSL as an example as to how the tech trickled into or was at least attempted in the E9X M3, the F30 will have a bunch more weight savings technologies as we have discussed.

    There have been cars tested using CFRP suspension components as well as some of the rear trunk floor and other not seen components out of CFRP to reduce weight.

    The trick is going to be how they can keep that ideal balance and make it street legal in all markets- need the bumper beams and all that for crash testing …