2014 BMW X5 Launch Film

The BMW X5 is one of the more controversial new cars out of Munich since the 3GT and 5GT. Where the previous X5 was taught yet voluptuous the 2014 X5 appears to be much more business like and in turn rather conservative.

This latest video from BMW seems to prove that even more with various scenes of the new big crossover ripping through what appears to be California.

What do you think? Has the F15 X5 lost something or is it a better fit for its intended market?

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  • Kieron

    Early parts of the video may be California, but much of it seems to be the south Island of New Zealand… the flyover the mountain to the lake at 0.31 is definitely Lake Wakatipu at Queenstown. As for the look of the X5… I’ll defer judgement until I see it, but when that might be in Australia, I’m not so sure!

  • Kiwi

    Definitely most of it was filmed in New Zealand. Early parts show downtown Auckland, then the rest is pretty much South Island. NZ represent 😀