BMW Takes a Look Back at the 8 Series

The 8 Series was a flop. A car too heavy, too pricey and poorly timed to gain traction in the marketplace. Yet we ‘re enamored with the car as the pinnacle of BMW ‘s late 80 ‘s design and technology.

So why is BMW talking about the E31? Perhaps the Grand Lusso concept has something do with that. Rumors are swirling that BMW is considering a production version of the Grand Lusso perhaps resurrecting the 8 Series moniker.

Grand Lusso or not the E31 8 Series is a car that deserves to not be forgotten.

And just because it ‘s ridiculously awesome, here ‘s some vintage Top Gear and Jeremy Clarkson reviewing the famed 850csi.

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  • Roland Renno

    Please not the Grand Lusso. It’s so ugly to the extent that it will damage the image of BMW.

  • lavardera

    I am pretty sure I found myself driving next to one of these in Northern NJ not far from BMW US headquarters last week – same color as this example. I thought it was an old 6 series. I think its quite beautiful – shares some DNA with the M1.