Breaking: Official BMW i3 Pricing Announced

BMW today announced pricing for the ground-breaking BMW i3 electric vehicle. The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (without Destination & Handling) in the US will be $41,350, before any federal or state incentives. The Destination & Handling fee in the US is currently $925. With the US $7500 tax credit the adjusted price will be $34,725 with destination included, which to us is quite reasonable considering the technology and materials used in its construction.

“The BMW i3 heralds the dawn of a new era for individual mobility and for the BMW Group. True to a genuine BMW, the BMW i3 has strong emotional appeal, outstanding product substance and a guarantee of sheer driving pleasure,” said Ian Robertson, Member of the Board of Management, Sales and Marketing BMW. “With this leading-edge vehicle and attractive price, we will provide customers with a compelling offer for electromobility.”

The BMW i3’s 170 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque hybrid-synchronous electric motor, developed and produced by BMW, is electrified by a 22-kWh lithium-ion battery, good for 80-100 miles of emission-free driving. Designed from the ground up to be an electric car, the BMW i3 uses the Industry’s first mass produced carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) passenger cell mounted on an aluminum chassis.

The BMW i3 will offer interior space comparable to the legendary BMW 3 Series on a shorter overall body. Its 32.3-foot turning circle and a relatively long wheelbase make it agile and engaging to drive, yet ideally suited to driving in dense urban areas.

Quick and convenient charging is possible either with the home charging station supplied by BMW i or at any public charging station that uses a Level 2 SAE J1772 charging system. DC fast charging, using the SAE DC Combo-Fast Charger, will be available as an option. From a public fast-charging station, it will provide an 80 percent charge from a fully depleted battery in just 20 minutes.

BMW i’s commitment to sustainable urban mobility encompasses the i3 production facilities, where hydro-electric, wind and solar power are used to power the CFRP production facilities in Moses Lake, Washington and the Leipzig, Germany assembly line. Sustainable materials are also used for the BMW i3 interior upholstery and trim.

The BMW i3 will make its world debut at three simultaneous events in New York, London and Beijing on Monday, July 29. It will arrive in US showrooms in the second quarter of 2014.

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  • les

    The price is still just out of reach for me, but maybe they will offer good leasing options. It’s not you are going to be able to drive it over 12K miles a year.

    Something I didn’t realize until now is the i3 can be fast charged in 20 minutes to 80% full battery.

    • Tommolog

      “It’s not you are going to be able to drive it over 12K miles a year.”

      Huh? I’ve driven my BMW ActiveE 52,000 miles in 18 months and it has the same range as an i3. I’ll drive my i3 35,000 – 37,000 miles a year without a problem.

      • les

        I stand corrected. My commute is less than 10 minutes. 3 stop lights, 2 stop signs, 2.7 miles. Driving more than 10k miles for me is hard work. I cant imagine 35k. I can only guess you are looking to buy an i3?

        • Tommolog

          Yeah. I would prefer to lease because with EV’s the technology is advancing so quickly in 3 years you can get a much better car & battery but I’ll have 100,000 miles on my i3 in 3 years so the lease mileage penalty would be astronomical so I’ll be buying for sure. However I definitely recommend leasing an EV at this time FWIW.

          • BimmerFile_Michael


            I wholeheartedly agree. I am looking at getting the ReX version as my DD and I will easily do about 20k miles per year.

            I am very excited for this EV on many levels. Like you I have concerns about a long term investment in a specific vehicle these days and would rather lease. If you look at how electronics in general change so fast with this new market place one can only think that the car industry is going to be progressing at the same rate- the “horsepower war” will soon turn into the “range/battery technology war” if that makes sense.

            Look at how fast the Leaf had made changes, and if you think of where the MINI E was, to the Active E to the i3, that is one life cycle of a typical car and it has moved leaps and bounds.

            I loved my brief time in the Active E and expect that the i3 will best it in every regard. As for why the ReX? Simple- you never know! Funniest thing is- my city here in Germany has no public charging plans, I rent a space in a public garage but we are moving to get our own garage for a hook up BUT Burger King has a free charging station…. go figure!


    • BimmerFile_Michael

      Les- if it just out of reach I think you are forgetting one key thing… it is much cheaper to power than a typical ICE car- savings add up in that regard.

      After rebates it is roughly the same as a 3 which I am amazed by. As soon as we get some seat time we will let you know if the cost of admission is worth it.

      They key with all this is to go in with a new take on a car, door closing will sound different- the layout will be all new, and the greenhouse will have a different feel. It’s neat when you think about it!

  • brt356

    Quite pricey and limited range make this a very tough sell. Design is less than inspired. Other than that, nice car.

    • Herr26

      When seen in the flesh i3 design impressions come rapidly , it is very futuristic and innovative in its appearance , immensely different and individual. An i3 will turn heads. The interior is very much the interior previewed with the i3 Concept Coupe and for an extra concept and sci-fi edge you can personalise the i3 with the blue and white interior of the concept car.

      The space on offer for some could be the i3 calling card. The floor is flat , there is no typical centre console as everything is on the dash panel , the seats are joined to a console which features the iDrive controller , electronic handbrake and vehicle functions. The flat floor features right though to the rear compartment which is also helped by the razor thin seatbacks again from the Concept. The rear doors are rear hinged , similar to the MINI Clubman and open the same way with the front door having to be opened before the rears can be. Despite the CFRP roof BMW have developed an innovative twin roof for the i3.