The Quintessential 435i Review? Chris Harris Drifts the 4 Series

There are a lot of review out there this week about the 435i. Most are pretty bad. Some are terrible. But a couple pass the sniff test. And one feels just right. Perhaps unsurprisingly Chris Harris has what must be one of the best reviews we’ve seen to date on the new 4 Series. Honest and exiting it’s well worth a watch.

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  • BimmerFile_Michael

    Gabe- I agree with your take on the 4 Series reviews- some are just horrible to read and really provide no substance or true opinion. Thank God for Chris Harris… The car sounds like a step up from the sedan in all the performance areas but it still looks enormous to me, and those I have seen in Munich do not look any smaller in real life- could it just be the lines/shape because it really is not much bigger on paper.

    • Adam

      I’m sure it’s the combo of body and wheel base. But then again I caught a camo’d up X5 prototype and it was parked next to an E70. Despite everyone complaining about the size I couldn’t really tell a difference, matter of fact I thought at first it was an X3! Back to Harris, I always take his word long before a lot of other reviewers, but this review between whining about the name and then compliments I was left unsure what he really thought. Not the usual cut and dry you get from him.

  • Dylan

    Wait for the 235i I reckon!