BMW 328d Fuel Economy Numbers are In!

It’s not official from BMW but the EPA’s website has released some info on the all new to the US 328d variants. We’ve been impressed with the numbers our 120d has achieved and have expected the 328d stateside to impress just as well (basically the same 4 pot oil burner). Our gut instincts were right as the rear-wheel-drive sedan is raking in 32 city MPG and an outstanding 45 mpg highway. Is there a non-hybrid sedan that beats it? We are still looking for one and will update you.

Let’s not forget that this engine is also coming in the wagon, the 328d xDrive wagon comes in at 31/43 mpg rating the same as the all wheel drive sedan. Hitting dealers this fall we can only hope the American buyer antes up and hops into the diesel game.

Via: Autoguide


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  • les

    I’ve been driving a 2013 328i xDrive as a loaner from my dealership recently, and with the cruise set at 70 mph the car can easily achieve 40+ mpg. That’s 7 more than the EPA rates it at. No telling how many more MPG the 328d will get.

    I’ve never bought a brand new BMW before, but I might have to pull the trigger when this lands in the state.

    • 03BeastCharmer

      Impressive, but I would recommend manually calculating your MPG over the length of a gas fill up as the computer average MPG is often very optimistic. Mine often reads higher than actual by about 1-1.5 mpg which is significant percentage wise when you’re only getting 17 mpg.

      • les

        Funny you bring that up. I told a co-worker about the MPG I was getting, and he told me the same thing. His computer tell him that he’s getting 10 mpg and he thinks that’s a bit optimistic.

  • J. Michael Hurst

    right, but they screwed up the U.S. offering on the wagon by only offering the 328d in the x-drive trim. we don’t want an all-wheel drive wagon over here. we want a rear-wheel drive wagon. if we want all wheel, we’ll just buy the damn X3. smh@BMW

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      Or the wagon on ‘roids known as the X1 🙂

  • rickster

    I would hope it’s better than 45mpg hwy. My 335d achieved 41mpg while driving from SF to LA. It was over 380miles and over grapevine which has an elevation of over 4000ft. This was hand calculated but the trip computer was only optimistic by .5mpg.

  • Evan

    Those are great numbers!

    Now, if you could only get the 320i’s Sport Package on all 3er variants here (sport suspension & seats & bigger wheels) we’d be in heaven. No more silly lines. And I’m totally on board with a RWD only wagon. Once you get the 328d and add the necessary stuff to get what I’d want (sport suspension and seats) you’re adding extra unwanted items and the price hits $50k without blinking. Getting a 36mpg RWD 320i with the sport package gives you about $8000 of savings which is a lot of gasoline….

    When will BMW go back to what it does well- build the ultimate driving machine and not make you buy marketing-contrived lines to get the simple BMW options we want?