BMW M3 & M4 Confirmed to Have 425 hp and 370 lb of Torque


BMW has confirmed at an early ride-along with European journalists that the turbo-charged inline six will produce 425 hp and 370 lb of Torque. Given that the weight of both cars should be down from their predecessors we wouldn’t be surprised to see both go from 0-60 mph in under four seconds.

Both cars will publicly debut in January at the Detroit Autoshow however look for the full photo and data internet debut in December. However we should receive preliminary figures around power and performance late this week.

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  • A sub three second 0-60 estimate seems a little optimistic doesn’t it? The current 300lb lighter than stock 444hp GTS can only run a 3.6. The E90/E92 M3 officially had a 4.7 0-60 sprint time although as we know, low 4s and high 3s were realistic. For a supercar like sub-3 second sprint to be true, there would have to be a more than an incremental weight loss to go with the rated 11 extra hp and 75 lb-ft, even if the engine is conservatively rated. I could see this on a GTS/CSL model though…

    • Typo. Under four is the estimate figure.

      • Dr Obnxs

        That would be really impressive. As you get the 4 second range, suspension set up becomes more of an issue than raw power. There are lots of cars with tons of HP that can’t get under 4 sec 0-60. If you look at the cars that do, most are AWD….

        As far as HP being too low, that’s just a paper specsmanship game. having driven cars with up to almost 700 HP, I can say that on surface streets, you can practically NEVER use all the power, other than to waste some tread to send up smoke signals, or doing a rally fast freeway entrance. But these moments last only seconds.

        On the track, that’s a different issue though, and the power would be nice. But once again, if one isn’t a really good driver, the extra power is more of a curse than a blessing. Without the nannies on, one only gets to use the power on the straights. If one doesn’t have skill and has the traction control off, it gets really scary when you floor it in third at 90 and the rear end starts to break loose!

        Anyway, BMW never ceases to impress with what they get out of what they’ve got.

  • The HP rating is a tad lower than I expected. I was hoping we’d finally cross the 450HP line.