All Wheel Drive BMW M Cars Confirmed

Since the launch of the X5 ///M it has been rumored that BMW M would bring to market a sedan powered at all for corners. There were rumors of the current F10 generation circulating that had an M5 xDrive being tested, that ended up being the M550d. The writing is now on the wall; engineers will be tasked with building an M5 version to compete with the likes of the E63 AMG 4Matic. BMW M may have realized all wheel drive sells (especially in the North East US), and it sells at a premium and to not compete in that market means lost sales.

All this comes according to and a recent interview they had with Dr. Nitschke, M GmbH President.

“I’ve looked at the numbers and 70 to 80 percent of E63 AMGs are all-wheel drive in the US now,” Dr. Friedrich Nitschke admitted. “On our cars we are thinking of all-wheel drive, but it won’t come before we get the successor of the M5 and M6.” “That’s the timing and it’s not practical to react in the current life cycles. It would also be an additional option, not the only available model, because a lot of M buyers prefer rear-wheel drive.”

While he admits to working up medium-term plans for all-wheel drive M5 and M6 models, Dr. Nitschke insists the M3 and M4 will never turn to all-wheel drive.

“The M5 and M6, maybe in the next generation they could get AWD, but not with the M3 or M4. Never,” he said.

“To accelerate out of corners with this rear-end architecture concept is so fantastic that it [all-wheel drive] is not needed.”

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  • 03BeastCharmer

    I’d say it’s confirmed that they are looking into, not that they will bring it to market. I live in the south, so there is no such thing as snow or a need for AWD, so regardless, I’ll be sticking with the RWD options.

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      This is confirmation. In reality it is retraction of a previous statement.

      The board has pushed M’s hand I would guess- they are losing a battle they are not fighting in. AWD sedans and the board more than likely wants that to change. If you recall BMW didn’t want to offer any sedans in AWD and the sales prospects and increased profits were the reason for the change. With the US not taking the M550d (it was expected to by reliable sources) there is no AWD sedan in the US that competes in the performance range from BMW…. that’s a lot of Audi/MB sales right there. I would also imagine the next generation is going to be very different architecturally- meaning lighter weight and 75 lbs is not going impact it all that much.

  • Dr Obnxs

    Ignoring the sales trends is a way for M to shoot itself in the foot, or worse. To be blunt, many of the M cars are bought by those who see themselves as performance drivers, but never see a track in thier lives, unless driven by one.. Many buyers in that segment think that AWD makes them both safer, and faster, and means the large AMG can be used for the weekend ski trip to tahoe. If M doesn’t offer AWD systems, at least as an option, they are given tons of US sales away. Heck, make it cost a lot, it may even improves margins!