Hold Off Ordering an M4: Better Version in 2016?

Step back from the headline for a second. The M4 is not even being sold to the M worshipping public at large yet and someone is already pushing the more powerful and lighter version coming in 2016. Sure its BMW’s 100th anniversary, a significant milestone, but why on earth are we already spreading the word of a high performance version of a car that is not even on the streets yet? Call us dazed and confused as well.

M4 grey

Nonetheless, Carsales.com.au continues the what seems like a week long Aussie M news ‘fest with a “high ranking” M official spilling the beans on the CSL/GTS version of the F82.

Yet M is planning to cull weight by stretching the M4’s use of carbon fibre from the current roof and boot lid to include the bonnet and the front wings, while it will switch the steel doors to aluminium. It will also be stripped inside, with the rear seats removed completely and the electronically operated front seats replaced with a stiff, light carbon shell covered in thin padding. Alcantara will replace leather throughout.

“The E46 M3 was 1495kg and the CSL was 100kg lighter,” one BMW M source pointed out.

“For what we are planning, look more to the M3 GTS than the CSL. We have concepts for a special model and this [the M4] will be the homologation basis.”

For what its worth, we see the US offering this car in some capacity but don’t expect it to be cheap.

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  • Alexandre

    I’d refer to Betteridge’s law of headlines in this instance.

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      Read the first sentence…


    • Dylan

      Agreed. Question marks in headlines allow you to write absolutely anything. “BMW to release AWD M4?” click click click click click

  • Not only what everybody has said, but even if they do release a 100 year anniversary model, it’s not like everyone will be able to afford it as surely it will be a limited production run.