When Dreams Turn to Nightmares: the M5 Ring Taxis Crashes

Bridge to Gantry is reporting that the famous BMW M5 Ring Taxis crashed today just after the famous Karussell. Given the spot where it left the track, the M5 is estimated to have been going around 113 mph when the incident occurred. There’s no news in regards to injuries or what cause the accident but we hope to learn more soon.

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  • Dylan

    Not sure I needed to read this (although, thanks). The only thing that gets me into racecars with other people driving is the belief they drive at 8/10 with passengers and know what they’re doing. Scary.

    • sackboy

      The RT safety record is absolutely stunningly GOOD ! Just think who and what they share the track with! sackboy

      • Dylan

        Haha yeah good point.