The BMW Active Tourer Surfaces – Has BMW Gone Too Far?

The BMW Active Tourer will the first front wheel drive BMW ever. Unless of course you count the MINI. And that’s where things get a little complicated. The Active Tourer exists for BMW to make MINI profitable and to extend the brand’s offerings down market and to a more urban demographic. So what does that make it? There’s plenty of opinion that it’s simply not a BMW.

So what is it? We know it’ll have a premium interior with all of the technology associated with larger BMWs. We also know it will have a family of three and four cylinder engines shared with the new F56 MINI. Finally sources have told us that the Active Tourer will be the most versatile BMW for it’s size ever. But the big question is, how will it drive? Can BMW create a small front wheel drive car that feels like a BMW?

BMW expects the Active Tourer to be predominately sold in Europe but it will be coming to the US and Asia. Look for sales to begin in the first quarter of 2015 with the model shown above. A three row five door will arrive shortly afterwards.

Image source: Autocar

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  • BimmerFile_Michael

    Mercedes Benz- Thanks for making the B Class… this is the answer to it and the question none of us asked.

    I get these cars are to float MINI as the original intention was for MINI to bring BMW economies of scale that never happened but at some point BMW has to stop entering every market.

    “Jack of all trades; master of NONE”- We do not want to go down that road, even if it is a slight detour.

  • les

    From that angle it looks like a Buick Encore.

  • dpcompt

    I had my Mini serviced in Sacramento today. I was shuttled in a 328i. I know that BMW has all this tech and such, but I felt like I was in a modern day Chevy. Dud, no character. Why not just buy a Hyandai or Kia. In my mind, these cars need to re-engineer some feel back into their cars. I may be in the minority, but I like a little road feel, including a little under and over steer.

    • Guess you haven’t been in a Chevy

  • John

    Can someone explain how this will make MINI “profitable”? Spend the money to design a car that will sell significantly less than the MINI. Most of the people in the market won’t know the difference between the 2 series coupe and this anyways…

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      This car is expiated to sell in droves in the Europe- many buyers did not realize the last generation 1 series was RWD and complained of interior space this is designed to meet that customers needs and compete at the lower end of the luxury market.

      The platform and many components are shared with the MINI (drivetrain, chassis, electronics etc.) It will make MINI more affordable and offer more technology than previously possible. In the auto industry it is all about economies of scale.

      • JRobUSC

        it’ll also form the basis of a 1-Series sedan, a much higher volume model BMW needs to compete with the CLA and A3.

  • drofgnal

    I like it. Drop the N47 diesel in it.