According to our sources, there were more than a few higher-ups at BMW that wanted an 1M race car. In fact, it went as far as an internal proposal on the components and costs. But alas given the short production run of the 1M it wasn’t to be. Fast forward a few years and we now have the M235i “Race” – a stripped out production M235i with a combination of off the shelf and bespoke race components. In other words: BMW Motorsport’s long promised affordable race-car.

Yet, the question no one seems willing to answer is whether this is the mythical 1M race car reborn within an M235i chassis or simply a rapidly developed M235i race car?

If it’s the second option that brings up a few more questions; Is this a hint of what’s to come with the M2? Or is this proof that there will be no M2 and that this is the ultimate development of the 235i. Only time will tell.