What Are You Looking Forward to in 2014: The M4 or the M235i?

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BMW is giving enthusiasts three reasons to be excited for 2014. First there’s the M3/M4 – cars that form the heart of the M brand. We only get a new M3 (and in this case an M4) every seven years so it certainly qualifies as a big deal in our eyes. But as incredible as they surely will be, it’s the M235i that we’re perhaps more excited about. A car that starts in the low-40s with over 300 hp and a curb weight of 3240 bps (133 lbs lighter than the 135i) sounds about right to us. It’s also impressively small and much more in line than the M4 when it comes to BMW’s sporty coupe past.

Of course this is all before we drive them. We may be looking forward to the M235i more now but that may change very quickly once behind the wheel of the M4. We’ll find out in 2014.

The bigger question of course – what BMW are you most looking forward to in 2014?

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  • Alexandre

    I’m looking for the confirmation that there will be a M2, or better yet, a M2 Grand Coupe. Happy New Year BimmerFile Team!

  • SockRolid

    I’ll probably end up getting the lowest 2 series model with a sporty-enough suspension option, whether or not it’s the M235i. For me, daily driving enjoyment is more about responsiveness and handling than about engine power. If BMW chooses to offer a 235is in the US, then I’ll go with that one. But I don’t think BMW will make it that easy for me.

    There’s no mention of any 2 series on the BMW USA site yet, but there is an “M Sport package” shown on the European BMW site. With a suspension setup somewhere between base 2 and M235i. That might be the one, if it’s offered in the US. (There’s also an “Adaptive M suspension” option, but it’s not clear if that’s available on all 2 series models.) I’d like the “M Sport package” a whole lot better if it didn’t include all those bogus M badges (“side ‘M’ logo” on the fenders, “M door sill finishers”) and “M Aerodynamics” cosmetic bodywork. Jeez.

    On one hand, yes, I’m extremely happy that BMW is setting sales records. But on the other hand I’m wondering what the M brand has come to. Even the M235i isn’t a “real M car.” If it were, it would be called the “M2″ worldwide. Right?

    • JRobUSC

      There won’t be a 235is because that’s what the M235i is. BMW is getting rid of “is” models and replacing them with M Performance models so they can leverage the recognition of the M brand. No one really understood “is”, everyone knows “M”.

      As was explained to us by a higher up at BMW M, for all new models going forward, if there is no full M model BMW will consider a gasoline M Performance model, and if there is a full M model they’ll consider an M Performance diesel model, but they will not do an M Performance gas model if there is a full M model. So:

      M235i is gas, so that means no M2. Which I think sucks, but he was asked flat out, and he said they’re not working on one. M3 means no M335i unless it’s diesel. Unlikely. Ditto M4 and M435i. M550xd exists because there’s an M5. M6 means no M Performance 6-Series unless they do an M650xd. Which would be fairly easy since it shares a platform with the 5-Series and that model already exists. X5 M50d exists because there’s an X5 M. X6 M50d exists because there’s an X6 M.

      There’s no X3 M, so there could there be a gasoline X3 M Performance coming to compete with the SQ5. And there might be an X4 M to compete with the new Porsche Cajun, which would mean no M Performance version of the X4 unless they do a diesel, but that would leave that niche to a gasoline M Performance X3. On the next Z4 an M Performance diesel wouldn’t make much sense, so expect either a new gas M Performance or a full M version (my personal preference) in the next iteration. And it sounds like BMW is already prepping a gasoline M Performance 7-Series for the next generation (M770x), so that means no M7.

      I think that covers everything but the X1, which is being replaced, and upcoming 1-Series sedan and hatch, all of which are going to be based on the new Mini architecture, so who knows.

      • Herr26

        The 770i is a media term. There will be no standard 7er above the 760Li. Although there is talk about the first M7 there is nothing final about this going forward yet but the idea is on the table due to significant weight reduction in the G11/G12. At the IAA in 2015 BMW will make sure that the arrival of the new 7er is heard especially in how it will provide a new landscape for the modern luxury car , less Palais de Versailles and more like a gadget filled minimalist luxury lounge and a significant weight reduction programme. As stated the 7er will be the most technically advanced BMW yet.

        The highlight for BMW in the new 7er will be the 7er eDrive model. Its specification and statistics point to a concept only but it will be the real deal. Helped by extensive CFRP in the structure and body panels the eDrive will also use lightweight CF wheels the drivetrain will be the same as the eDrive X5 and will be a plug-in hybrid.

        M Performance arrived because of issues facing countries in Europe and demand for specific concepts normally not considered by BMW M. In some areas of Europe there is high taxes on luxury performance cars which sometimes prices an M vehicle out with an intended customer. M Performance especially the diesels with their low c02 allow them to not have a high cost in tax , it is no wonder that these vehicles are selling in volume in countries like Italy for example.

        It it is unlikely to see an M Performance diesel in the US. Unless Diesel sales break significant projections.

        The M235i Coupe is the flagship of the 2er line for now. But there is a hunger for the M2 , because of the scale of ability open to BMW M and to what they are actually conceiving in the background and such innovation requires a showcase. The M235i Racing if you will turns the key , especially its classic look with widened fenders offering a very different yet appealing look to what an M car actually looks like. Whilst nothing is as yet out in the open the clues are present at Garching and overlooked at spy photographs coming from the Nurburgring test centre. Why is the Mercedes- Benz AMG A45/CLA45 there? Contrary to opinion and media M235i and M135i are not competitors to the new AMGs.

        The success of the 1er M Coupe because it is memorable is very much considered in a replacement. M235i is no match for this car , and best it is slightly below it. why put a ceiling on your limits especially when you have more flexibility in all areas for its replacement. There will be an M2 but it will not be tomorrow, it will at least give the M3 and M4 establishing space.

        BMW M give each model in standard BMW series an establishing time to see how the car performs on the market on sales and reaction. So far cars ongoing for debate are the 3er GT , X4 and 4er Gran Coupe.

        The 3er GT has not been on sale enough to determine but the car exceeded its 2013 projections and X4 and 4er Gran Coupe are not on the market yet. Out of the above it is fair to say the X4 would be the likely concept. It appeals to the growth markets and the appetites for those that want high performance downsized.

        The X6M in key growth markets for M outsells the other M models which is why BMW M call the X6M a “volume model” Downsize this concept to the X4 and you have the potential of a further “volume model” an engineering strategy exists with the car sharing much economies of scale with the new M3 and M4 including the many elements developed for the new cars.

        The latest thing in the market is further downsized high performance concepts for the compact segment which is where the next generation X1 comes in. Due to the arrival of the AMG GLA and RS Q3 BMW are seriously considering an X1M this is significant because it can share signature areas with the M2, more specifically its engine.

  • BimmerFile_Michael

    I am looking forward to the i8 and the M3 sedan. Would love either one, for different reasons!

    Have you seen the rear flanks on the F80- just amazing hips!

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