Have Questions About the M3, M4 & M235i? We’ll be Hands on Next Week at NAIAS

Next Week & We’ll be Hands on with three of the most anticipated BMWs in years. Have Questions You Want Answered? Let us know via the normal social channels, comments or via our contact form.

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  • BimmerFile_Michael

    Please find out more specifics of the engine changes- looks like they changed all sorts of angles and components from the N55.

  • Track Guy

    First of all, great job by BMW with the new M3/M4. I do have a few minor questionscomments.

    1) Why no more options for Alcantara in the cabin? It’s lighter, sportier and holds up really well (the exception being the steering wheel but I would still order an Alcantara wheel over a leather one). I would even pay a little extra to avoid cowhide in my cabin.

    2) Will we be seeing sports buckets from the CRT as a future option? 3) When will more standard (non-individual) color choices be offered? Like a nice darker blue, for example. If no more standard colors are on the horizon, is there a list of approved Individual colors? 4) Will the heads-up display andor rear-view camera be offered as individual options? Or at least put them in a package that doesn’t require me to get full leather.

  • I love the exterior design of the M3/M4 in addition to the huge weight savings and efficiency gains. My questions regarding the M3/M4 are:

    1) Although electric power steering was expected, it hasn’t been hugely warmly received on the F30. What are the modifications if any to the electromechanical steering system for the M3/M4 from the F30 model line? 2) Regarding the seats, why the one-piece design and lack of extendable thigh extensions? 3) I’m not a personal fan of the angled slash tip exhaust. Most modern M cars I can recall do not have an angled slash tip so why the change? 4) Although it is likely too early to answer this question, given that a “Competition Package” was announced not long after the current M5/M6 went on sale, is there expected to be a “Competition Package” for the M3/M4 and for all future M models? 5) Like @BimmerFile_Michael:disqus asked, are there shared components with the N54 (The N55 with it’s single dual-scroll turbo seems a bit more removed).

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      I wrote up a post a long while back on the EPS and how it will be controlled using the system torque rather than just boosting the electric motor- similar to what Porsche is doing (Got my hand slapped for spilling those beans…)

      The S55 is based off the N55 and not the N54- N54 is dead.

      • The post on EPS would be interesting to read if it is still available as the Porsche EPS does seem to be one of the best examples. I don’t recall anybody saying the N54 is alive. I would hope that when an automaker designs a new engine, they would use all of their engineering knowledge and not simply use the current model as the basis. When BMW previously wanted greater performance for the 335is they ditched the N55 in favor of the N54. The exhaust routing at least would naturally be more similar to the twin turbo N54 rather than the single turbo N55, which is why I asked the question; to ask BMW, not to get rudely responded to. I’m assuming their might be some features from both, but that is where we need specifics.

        • BimmerFile_Michael

          Sorry if it came off as rude- not the intention. Just was saying that BMW has moved on- the 135is used the N55 to get the same power as the N54.

          The new S55 is pretty much an all new design as it is “squared” but if you look closely at some of the shots the head and plumbing looks a lot like N55 placement.

          I am trying to find the EPS post for you…

          Again sorry if it came off as rude.

        • BimmerFile_Michael

          BF June 2012: A well placed source at BMW M in Garching recently tipped us to the idea that M is looking to introduce Electric Power Assisted Steering in the next M3, codenamed F80 and scheduled to launch as a sedan for model year 2014. According to this source; Porsche is being praised for the system in the new to market 991 which is EPAS, so why can ‘t M do the same in the M3? We also learned that BMW and Porsche are using ZF as the supplier for these systems. The steering tuning and algorithms would be manufacturer specific but the hardware would be similar if not identical.

          There is some efficiency gains with EPAS systems because they, unlike traditional hydraulic offerings, do not draw engine power unless needed and 90% of all driving is done in a straight line where there is no need for power assistance. If the EPAS is not pulled at the last minute in favor of a traditional hydraulic system (as was rumored with the M5/M6) the electronic programming would need to have significantly more feel before the limit than BMW ‘s current EPAS offerings to keep critics to a minimum. In the US BMW uses EPAS in the latest 3,5, and 6 series models. The current BMW system dials in enough feel to allow the driver to make corrections but that is not communicated early enough in some situations- many bemoan the change.

          BMW will utilize a system that regulates the torque output of the electric assist rather than just dial down the power level as that seems to make all the difference in terms of feel.

  • 03Beastcharmer

    Any details on the LSD for the M235i. It hasn’t appeared in the order/pricing guides.

    • It’s a M Performance part that will have to be installed at the dealer.

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      Wouldn’t be surprised if it is delayed… not sure what the real demand for a dealer installed part like that will be. I think there has been a lot of internet “noise” about this for some time but if one looks to MINI as an example of how many people really want to spend $3-4K on an accessory that really is only 5% better than the braking based E-Diff that comes standard it is obvious this is something that will not sell well.