The 4 Series Gran Coupe Rendered

Our friends at have some of the best renders we’ve seen thus far of the 4GC. Debuting in Geneva we expect the 4GC to hit showrooms early this summer in the US. Look for a 428i and 435i to be the two launch models for North America. Elsewhere they’ll be a collection of diesel models as well. Will we see an M4GC? Based on these renderings we hope so.

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  • John

    Honest question…why does BMW need this model when they have the three series and made the 4 series to be the coupe? Isn’t it more expensive too?

  • andys120

    If this rendering is correct the 4-GT will look very much like a 3 series sedan eliminating any reson to pay extra for the4-series badge.

  • This 4 series gran coupe is really awesome and i like to know about new cars.

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