The first front wheel drive BMW is finally here. Albiet a little earlier than planned. Thanks to we’ve got an earlier look at BMW’s newest addition to the line-up. Designed to answer to the needs of the urban dweller looking to size down but not reduce the technology or luxuries they’ve become accustom to, the 2 Series Active Tourer takes the brand down a new and contenious path for enthusiasts.


How will it drive? While we’ve driven it’s stablemate in the new MINI, we’ve been assured that the 2 Series Active Tourer will be more BMW like in it’s responses and overall performance. What that means exactly we won’t know until we drive it. But we can attest to the platform and the engines being very impressive in MINI form.


Look for the 2 Series AT to make it’s debut on the internet shortly with a public debut scheduled for Geneva in early March. Sales should start this summer in European markets with the US getting the car in time for the 2015 model year.

What will the US consumer make of it and how (if at all) will it affect brand perception? Those are the questions we’ll be answering throughout the year.