BMW Testing the M2 & X4 M40i with N55 Six Cylinder

Based on an excellent source that both we and Bimmerpost have used in the past it appears that the M2 is not only happening but is currently tested with a modified N55 turbocharged six cylinder. This goes a long way in confirming what we reported a few months ago – that despite some early denials BMW will be bringing an M2 to market.

What’s interesting about this news is that it would appear BMW M may be going down the same path as it did with the 1M. Creating an M car with a modified “series” engine in order to keep costs down. Given the success of the 1M in both sales and in the motoring press it would seem like a safe bet.


The other interesting news here is the appearance of an X4 M40i with the exact same engine code – N55B30T0. This would indicate that BMW may be going down the M Performance path with the X4 and not making an full-on M car. What’s the difference you considering the engines are the same? We would suspect that under the M2 will lie much of the M3 and M4’s chassis and suspension design. It’s a simple and relatively cost effective way for BMW to create a baby M car – which is how the 1M came to be. the X4 on the other hand doesn’t have an M car to lean on for donor parts and therefore will likely make due with some tweaks to the suspension and brakes and not a totally re-think.

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  • SockRolid

    “… M car with a modified “series” engine in order to keep costs down.”

    And also to keep consumption and emissions down too. But really, the era of the bespoke big-bore M engine is over. The M group just adjusts turbo boost settings, tweaks the suspension for that 20mm lower ride height, and finds places to put carbon fiber to save a few pounds. Just give me a 235i, Sport Suspension, and leave off all those “M” badges and carbon fiber boy-racer flourishes.