BMW Source Unofficially Confirms BMW X2 Coupe

Earlier today BMW uber source Scott26 (or Herr26 on BF) officially confirmed that they will bring to market an X2 sport activity coupe based on the second generation X1 in 2017. According to BMW the model will be more upmarket than the X1 and only offered with xDrive. It is expected to come in both five and three door formats and will follow the typical crossover coupe design BMW initiated with the X6.

As expected the car will share a stretched version of the UKL platform with the next generation Countryman and Paceman (which looks now likely to live on in a five door format).

Speaking of the Countryman MINIs is planning on making the 2nd generation heavily influenced by the Dakar-winning competition car as a more ruggedly styled crossover. The Paceman on the other hand will be more urban oriented in design and feel decidedly more sporty.

The Paceman will join the five door hatch, Clubman and Countryman as the forth four door MINI.

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  • Nick Dawson

    This is very old news! Eighteen months ago, I discussed on MF this story regarding F26, which I had picked up from a reliable source. Herr26 immediately replied to me via MF confirming the story, which then prompted you to report this on BF later the same day, September 25 2012. There is little, if any, new information in your latest report.

    • Jack

      News to me, so I appreciate BF/MF for reporting on it. If you are unhappy with MF and BF’s reporting maybe you should start your own site?

      • Nick Dawson

        Thank you for your comment Jack. I have been a loyal customer of BMW products since 1988, and feel that I have earned the right to heap praise and criticism upon them where appropriate. Equally, I have been a regular and enthusiastic commentator on BF/MF for some while now, and never fail to offer support or constructive criticism on its articles where I consider it appropriate. I reserve the right to continue to do so.

        It’s good to hear that you are now up to speed on F26 and F61, but it begs the question, where have you been for the past eighteen months? 🙂