The era of the F8X M3 and M4 has officially begun as BMW has taken the wraps off of the Configurator and set it LIVE. It’s always fun to build something just the way you’d like and get excited by the possibility of actually doing the same at the dealer. Truth is I was excited when I ventured over to and had a go at it… there were a few problems though.

I am excited for these cars, I am excited for the technology, I am excited for the performance and that there still is a manual option. I am not so excited by the fact that I can’t build the car how I’d like it- and I accept the fact that BMWNA no longer cares about selling options but packages. The biggest issue I have is that I bought an E90 M3 when they came out in 2008, I bought the car I wanted and the options I chose were not all bundled- it was my cash and I wanted what I wanted and the M3 at that time was one hell of a value proposition; it is no longer that. At $90k when loaded the M3 is no value as it has entered 911 territory without the same level of prestige.

That said the M3 has every option imaginable but all I want is a HUD, LED lighting, heated seats, adaptive suspension and ceramic brakes (the rest is nice but fluff to me). Is that too much to ask for? Maybe the car really is worth that cash, maybe it really is the best thing since sliced bread but at that price it might be a hard sell- or maybe it is just paving the way for a lower priced M2 being parked in the garage. I am still on the fence about whether or not this car is worth the significant increase in price over the E90 M3- a carbon roof is awesome but for what price?

Hopefully I will get some time in one and be able to make that judgement but for now I am left pondering if the M3 is still for me.