BMW Gets Caught Recycling ActiveE 1 Series

It’s a matter fact that BMW’s Active E leasing program was always going to end this way. BMW couldn’t legally sell the cars and only had limited use for them even for corporate needs. Especially with mass production of the all-around better BMW i3 now in full swing. Despite what some might say, this is BMW doing the responsible thing and simply recycling the cars.

Still it’s hard to look at. BMW clearly would have been better served transporting them in an enclosed trailer.


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  • Yea, just a bad PR move on an otherwise none note worthy story

  • Herr26

    You should come to our recycling plant in Munich and see the endless row of i3 and i8 that will also be recycled and then destroyed. Although for some it is distressing to see pristine new cars ready to be destroyed but it is the way of life, they are not full production cars.

    If we take for example cars used in media shoots they are always destroyed because they are less than finished because of the time needed to prepare the launch , studio work that shows the interiors and on location shoots come later but the big production advertisements on film and print are done early and they are always destroyed afterwards. This is identifiable by why vehicles use different licence plates compared to the official launch cars.

    Yes we destroyed M3s and M4s too.

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      Sign me up for a tour of that facility- I’m in Bavaria and would love to see that as personally I think it is the responsible thing to do, rather than letting them sit and rot. Heck maybe I can finally get some time in a 13 REx (since they are being destroyed).

      I’m off to Como for the weekend… hoping the weather holds out to see that new MINI Vision!

      • Herr26

        You will enjoy the Concorso. The Vision Future Luxury is also making an appearance. I am in Paris the weekend with my wife not for the circus in mind , although it is fun informing the PR People from E! Television who are on every street that it is not a Royal Wedding as made out to be and the bride is an ugly whore of a dog who is a urinal ( and you got to love some American education standards) when my wife was told she was Jealous and a hater… Some Americans we met are saying it is the best opportunity for a mis-directed drone.

      • Herr26
  • Roland Renno

    At first glance, I felt like if a robot has turned itself against its owners and has gone berserk mode. Then I felt what a sad end those Bimmer cars are feeling, IF they could talk.

    • Herr26

      All those M3s and M4s with ” Factory Test car” on the rear are all lined up with the prototypes as well as the i3 and i8 and X4 s etc to be recycled and then destroyed.