The BMW 428i Gran Coupe in Motion

In our eyes the 4 Series Gran Coupe is the best looking four door BMW currently offers. And as we get closer to seeing it in showrooms BMW is rolling out the car to the European press and releasing more footage of the four door in motion.

Check out the B-Roll below.

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  • Really is a beautiful car though for me, the coupe or M4 is where it’s at.

  • TurbochargedChili

    Too bad they’ve dulled it doen

  • Jim

    I just wish all of the new BMW autos that I’m interested in were available with the mandatory 6MT! I would love to drive a sport wagon or this Gran Coupe. It also seems that more and more beauty is held for ransom in the much pricer automobiles (e.g. 6er Gran Coupe vs. 5-series whereas back in the E39 generation it seems each car was made as beautiful as possible under the practical constraints).

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      The better looking Gran Coupes are pricier because they are considered “coupes” and fetch a premium because of the lower volume production. The loss of practicality decreases the demand even with the looks…. (according to the market). So to make the car a business success they must recoup the cost of production/development by charging a premium. That roof line requires much more structural engineering and different materials because of roof strength and keeping the integrity of the passenger head space during a roll over.

      Personally- If they decide to make this roof line the next 3er and price it appropriately I think it would sell boat loads more than even the true sedan in the US- Europe is a different story (practicality tends to rule purchase decisions.

      As a global company, with China being the largest market, BMW has a lot to weigh when making product marketing and pricing. With the next generation of cars bringing Carbon fiber to the masses there will be a LOT of design elements that would not have been possible with the use of high strength steels- we are at a cross roads in the industry in many ways.