With BMW M recently admitting that there are no plans for the 4 Series Gran Coupe to ever become a full-fledged M car our dreams of a fast BMW hatchback had recently faded. However we’ve just heard word from a tipster that BMW is likely going to produce a M Performance version of the car to fill the gap left by a true M product. The model (likely labeled the M440i) could coincide with the LCI coming in 2017 and give the car a healthy performance related shot in the arm.

435i, 4 series, gran coupe

While no other details are known at this time that shouldn’t stop us from making some educated guesses. With the 2017 440i itself likely making between 310–320 hp, one can imagine the M440i could be around the 330 hp range. Combined with more aggressive suspension, brakes and other M Performance touches, it could be the ultimate non M car with M badges. Now if we could just get it with a manual in the US.