Did BMW Just Release a Small Minivan or the Next Big Thing?

The 2 Series Active Tourer is a front wheel drive, tall space efficient vehicle designed for families. Sounds familiar? Ingredients of minivan you say? We’d agree. While we have yet to drive the car it’s not hard to imagine most typical BMW buyers having a hard time getting past the look of the 2AT. And just imagine what the 7 seat version will look like?

So it all begs the question – has BMW finally gone too far with making its band more accessible (a la the 5GT or 3GT)? Or is BMW once again ahead of the curve as they were with the X5 and the MINI?

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    no, tell me they aren’t offering this in Estoril! Don’t ruin my fav blue. I think of this car as another version of the Mazda 5.

    • That was my thought as well – this feels a lot like the previous generation Mazda 5.

  • I think with the proper marketing/education, this can can be quite successful. Especially outside of the US where they are often more open to different models.

  • Enrique R. Caldera

    I believe they are “ahead of the curve” with this car, it brings in new buyers… However I believe they are taking way too long to produce a 2 series Grand Coupe, to compete with the CLA/AMG, and A3/S3 sedans, because there is a large demand for this vehicle segment.

  • Spa2k

    Or maybe it’s just a station wagon…

  • Nick Dawson

    The front-drive 2-series AT has not only entered the automotive mainstream, but is also planted firmly in the biggest market sector in Europe, the front-drive C-segment hatchback.

    According to Ian Robertson, BMW’s board member and Director of sales and marketing, 70 per cent of AT buyers are expected to be new to the brand, as was the case with the MINI Countryman, and most likely one-car households wanting a functional but premium vehicle, to upgrade from mass-market brands such as Ford’s C-Max.