Chris Harris Drives the BMW M3

It’s safe to say, if there’s one video you watch about cars today, this should be it. No one out there combines engineering detail with driving critic with melting rubber quite like Chris Harris.

And as a bonus – here’s a full lap of Chris in the M3.

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  • r_k_w

    You should warn that a paid subscription is required to watch the videos.

    • Good call. It’s a little confusing what’s free and what’s not anymore with Drive. /// 847.778.5053 /// ///

      • Kevin Bartlett

        You can sign up for 2 weeks to see if it’s worth it at least….I haven’t decided if it is. Mr. Harris is great but when Netflix is $8 a month, is what they produce worth $4? At the same time I appreciate that they can’t make the good stuff for free and I want them to keep making the good stuff so they’ll probably get me for a couple of months at least.