The BMW 2 Series Active Tourer UK Launch Gallery & Video

The 2 Series Active Tourer is the most curious thing that BMW has done in decades. Curious in that it’s something BMW has never done before – create a car from the ground up driving only the front wheels. Early reviews have been positive but not overly so. And visually it’s tall, narrow and wedge like in ways BMWs have never been. Needless to say wrapping our heads around it will likely take some time.

We expect US sales to begin in April of 2015 with two models being offered: the entry-level front wheel drive 220i and the xDrive 225xi.

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  • Yea, this is one of those cars that you think, “I hope BMW knows something we don’t.” I hope it sells well because that’s always a good thing for the brand as a whole but it’s certainly not a car for the typical BMW enthusiast and I think they know that.

    • JRobUSC

      If BMW only made cars for “typical BMW buyers” they’d get run out of business by Audi and Benz and other brands making cars for larger demographics. As much as BMW purists want BMW to only make cars for them, they don’t buy enough cars to make that fiscally possible. Just like Porsche — the Cayenne, Panamera, and new Macan were all seen as sacrilegious by Porschephiles, but those are the three biggest sellers in Porsche’s lineup. Without them they couldn’t make Boxsters, Caymans, 911’s, and 918’s. I don’t know if American buyers will warm up to the 2-Series Active Tourer, but I think they’ll sell a lot of them in Europe and other markets. It’s certainly nicer than the comparable Benz and Audi models. And if BMW really wants to maintain their status as #1 in luxury volume, they’d stop splitting niches into subniches and they’d fast track the 1-Series sedan and X1 they’re building off the same platform as the 2AT. Right now they’re hemorrhaging sales to the CLA and A3, without anything comparable or price competitive. The same is going to happen with the GLA and Q3. Stop trying to fill that volume gap with X4’s and X2’s and Z2’s and Active Tourers. Fill it with a 1-Series sedan and X1, two mainstream vehicles that actually would put up numbers AND take sales away from competitor vehicles.